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What is JET FX?

JET FX is taking “Pyrotainment” to the next level.

“Pyrotainment” the combination of speed, fire, smoke, thunder, entertainment, excitement, and fun to create a unique experience for everyone!

JET FX is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the jet vehicle entertainment business. With everything that the patriarch, Al Eierdam has learned and taught his sons, they are proud to introduce JET FX .

JET FX currently fields three Pratt & Whitney J-60 jet powered vehicles in their team. The Invader the Speed Demon, The Avenger the young gun and The Sizzler - American Pride. To ensure safety and reliability these vehicles are professionally built and maintained by CERTIFIED and TRAINED FAA Airframe and Power plant mechanics.

Going beyond the drag strip to bring fire, speed, and excitement to any and all events is our mission.

JET FX is a full service entertainment experience from their World Famous Fire Shows, to the willingness and desire to successfully promote your events.

What does JET FX do to give a superior show? At your prior request, they are able to display vehicles prior to your event, perform radio and television hits, provide copy ready media for your advertising, and just about anything else that your event may need to create the buzz needed to bring in the crowds. Not only does the public need to have a great time, you need to have someone willing to go the extra to ensure the public comes.

JET FX doesn’t roll in, run, and race out leaving your show to flounder. JET FX  is committed to arriving at your event early, clean, and ready to run. From the detailed hauler to professional uniforms, JET FX is always prepared to display a professional appearance.

For these reasons, the JET FX team has been featured in numerous media outlets. Everything from national commercials for Ford & Lexus, to Sports Television, Cartoon Network, National Publications, and even Video Games.

Why risk your promotional money on less than the best?

About JET FX

JET FX is the premier jet exhibition team. Based in Phoenix Arizona, they have over 30 years in the jet exhibition field. JET FX have operated jet dragsters, jet funny cars, worked for varoius teams in training and operations. JET FX vehicles have been seen in numerous television shows and commercials, air show events, and even video games.