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2015 in review

2015 saw the the JET FX team taking a small breather, updating and refreshing the cars.  

During the off season, we worked on all the cars.  Started off with going through the Avenger and checking her out,  Inspecting the entire car and replacing the basics.  All new bearings, seals, and expendable parts were replaced.  Inspection of the engine and afterburner showed no surprises before being closed up.  Just like you normal car, a lube, oil and filter maintenance servicing was completed.

Next up, we brought the unnamed car into the shop and went through her.  Inspecting, taking inventory of needed parts and modifications, spent a little time getting her up to date.  All was looking pretty good until we hit the engine.  She was needing a little more work than was originally planned.  With not enough time to complete, her update was paused until the other projects we have planned.

Up next was the starting of the restoration of the nostalgia jet car.  Before we start the major work, the team was asked to display it at the Tucson Dragway Reunion race at Southwestern International Raceway.

As the car was in storage for a number of years, we had some work ahead just in cleaning her up and making her presentable.  Scrubbing and scrubbing away wash the dirt, dust and cobwebs.  Checking tires, steering, brakes (or lack of), removing or installing lines as needed to make her at least mobile was quite a chore.  Started on the hunt for some parts to make her more complete was a modern day scavenger hunt.  Even with all the work we had done something was just not quite right.  She needed more sparkle!  So out came the Wenol, the polishing cloths and the elbow grease to make the aluminum shine again.  

After some time she was looking a little more like herself and was load up on the trailer and we headed down to the reunion.  

What a great time seeing all the old cars and friends, it really motivates up to get it done soon to be able to bring a little bigger fire to those cacklefests!

Once that was done, we brought the nostalgia car back and made a punchlist for the work to be done to get her back running.  But time was running out on the final project of the year, the Invader.

Over the last few years, the Invader was neglected child of the team.  She always performed and needed the least amount of work, so she was kind of forgot a bit.  Forgotten is not right, just she was less needy than the others.

Well it was her time in the spotlight.

We started with a complete teardown!  Every part was removed, inspected and replaced if needed.  Her chassis was then inspected for any defects, cracks, dents and then we added a few new touches and sent her off for powdercoating.  She came back looking beautiful in illusion violet purple.  

During the time away, other panels and parts were powdercoated, parts were hand polished, and some were chromed.  Even some of the smallest hardware was polished. 

Front to back, slowly put her back together with the update and new look, we almost didn't want to run a body on her as she was such a looker with the body off!  Unfortunately we do know that she can't really run that way though.

The old saying "If it don't go.... Chrome it!" doesn't really work anymore because as we put her all back together she was a looker but she sure does move too.

After the work was all done, we went out to the local track and tested both the Invader and the Avenger to ensure everything was back to normal after the extensive work we had done to them.  

First up the Invader, as she had the most work done to her.  She was a little temper mental as she seemed to have a air bubble in the fuel system.  After an additional bleeding of the system, she roared to life as she usually does.  No leaks, ran cool,  huge fire balls, pretty good for the first start from the complete tear down.

Next up was the Avenger. After all the work on the Invader and the Avenger, would our luck hold out?  Would there be leaks? or any issues?  Nope! She purred to life like she was ready to hit the road!  Two up, two down with zero problems and ready to hit the track. Almost.....

With the car that were racing this season ready, it was time to get the trailer updated.  At the end of the last season, the air conditioning unit on the lounge died.  During our time looking at it and trying to figure out the best course of action, Arizona was hit with a massive rain storm. This then proceeded to leak through the broken ac unit and wreak the lounge.  So much for everything going smooth.

So after ripping out the soaked and damaged carpet, removing all the furniture, we had some repairs to make.  So if we were going to repair this, them lets make it better than before.  Installed wood flooring in the lounge, installed new batteries, battery tenders, all sorts of holders and brackets, removed some of the bazillion pounds of stuff we never used and wait for it..... a brand new air conditioner!

With the work finally done, we had a little time to breathe before hitting the road.  Although this was a lot of work for the team up through this point, we did do other things too.  We spent time with our families, went camping, summer camp with the boy scouts, worked full time jobs, even moved houses and refinished it.

With our personal lives recharged, we hit the road for Albuquerque to show our stuff.  

Stay tuned for that story soon.......

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