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Atmore Alabama

The next event for the Invader and the Avenger was at Atmore Dragway in Atmore Alabama with our good friend Joe Zaccaro on June 15th. 

Steve picked up the rig and boogied down to Birmingham to meet up with Craig and Curt.  After a waterfall of rain on Friday night, we all headed down south to Atmore.  The reopened track was a nice 1/8th mile with a brand new starting line and new concession stands.  Grass pits and a sunny day was great to be had!

We were racing the Invader and Avenger along with Toby Taylor in Joe Zaccaro’ s Spirit of Alabama jet dragster and Al Zukauskas’ Hot Blade Jet Dragster.  In addition to the jet dragsters, Neil Darnell was there with the Shockwave Triple Engine Jet Truck. 

All I can say about Alabama is that I though Arizona was hot!  Alabama my not be as hot, but the humidity is a killer!

First round of the night was singles.  Craig in the Avenger leading off the night but as soon as the fire show started, Avenger was down.  Every time Craig scheduled smoke, fuel sprayed out from under the car so Craig shut it down.

Hot Blade, Spirit of Alabama and the Invader all put on great shows and had no problems.

After the dragsters, it was Shockwave’s turn.  Just after start, one of the Westinghouse J-34’s fuel filter O-rings failed and fuel started to shoot out! So shutdown for Shockwave and return to the pits for repair.  Not a good start for the teams!

Back in the pits, the problem for the Avenger was found, a loose fitting on a pressure indicator.  One car fixed!  In the Shockwave’s pit, the O-ring was removed and a new one was found and installed.  Second car fixed!

Second round had Craig in the Avenger facing off with Toby in the Spirit of Alabama car.  They traded fireballs and burner pops back and forth before lining up in the beams for launch. First side by side runs of the night and the crowd went wild!

Hot Blade and the Invader were up next, and at start the starter pack on the Invader’s truck melted! Not a good start!!  So as Al and the Hot Blade made a single pass, the Avenger’s starter pack was brought back around

Shockwave was up while they waited for the starter pack. While Curt was strapped in the Invader around the corner from the starting line, he had a front row seat to the massive heat and fire show that the Shockwave puts out!  Thoughts of the face of the sun and Armageddon crossed his mind, while waiting for his second chance to go down the track!

With the Avenger’s starter pack plugged in that was all the Invader needed and off she went.

Inspection of the Invader’s starter pack found a loose wire on the solenoid and the batteries were ok! Another car fixed! 

The final round of the night paired up the low ET cars for the final the Hot Blade vs. the Invader.  Up first were the Spirit of Alabama and Avenger in a repeat duel with Toby looking to even the score.  At the lights, it was 2-0 for Craig in the Avenger!

With the match up of the Invader and the Hot Blade, Al’s beast is notoriously fast and with the hot and humid condition’s Curt was not totally confident on the tune for the Invader.  Curt had to cut a light to keep it close.  It was a double win, as Curt cut a light and had a good tune to keep the Hot Blade at bay!

Then the earth caught fire, and the skies were set ablaze with the Shockwave’s final run of the night!

The cars were loaded back up into their portable homes, goodbyes were said, and the team beat feet back to Birmingham for a quick rest before heading their separate ways.  Superman Steve to the land of the Hoosiers, Craig and Curt back to the land of DRY HEAT!!

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