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Back from the brink...

Well 2011 is here and it is time to work harder on updating the blog.

2010 started with the team with a huge undertaking, not only were we going to run the Invader at tracks all across the western United States, but we were going to completely update two more jet dragsters, test them, train new drivers, and if time permitted put together a fourth car.

A little hopeful eh...

Eierdam Racing teamed up with Sizzler racing to field and train Mike "Iceman" Sisler on how to successfully operate a jet car team. This had been a long time dream for Mike, and a number of years in the making.

The first item was to completely update the Pratt & Whitney J-60 dragster from the chassis to the tail pipe. At one time, the "Sizzler" was nothing but bare tubing. After a long long process the Sizzler was a masterpiece!

During the same time, the newest jet dragster in the Eierdam Racing stable came to light. The Strike Eagle is also a Pratt & Whitney J-60 dragster, like the tried and true Invader.

Once these two jet dragsters were complete and re certified, it was time for Curt to take them out and dial them in. As with just about any new car or one that had been take as far apart as these two were, some bugs were to be expected.

While the Strike Eagle seemed to come up to speed rather quickly, the Sizzler had her share of issues to work out.

While all of this was going on, Craig Eierdam spent many many many trips down the track, learning the ins and outs of piloting one of these land based missiles. By the fall, Craig not only proved himself to the team, he earned his license and was ready to face Curt for his first race.

Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson was where this match up was finally scheduled. The 2010 Jet Car Nationals was to be this event. The first match up against the brothers had Craig taking the win against Curt. But in the next round, Curt tied it up to one a piece with the tie breaker round getting cancelled.

December brought the brothers out to the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando Florida for the Official announcement of the NJRA.


National Jet Racing Association. It is the governing body of the Festival of Fire series coming in 2011 to racetracks across the US. Check out their website for more information.

Not enough?? Complete revamp of the trailers, crew uniforms, promotion material.... the list keeps getting longer.

And where does that leave 2011??

Eierdam Racing operating three jet dragster in partnership with Sizzler Racing hitting the tracks all across the US (Not just the west coast), and if time permits finishing the fourth car.... and a little sleep ( and more blog updates I swear!!)

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