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Land of the cold....

Finding myself going on a trip for work, I left the warm winter air of Phoenix for the near arctic temperatures of the frozen Florida! No it is not really like that, but a little cooler. Having a conference in Orlando is not that bad!!

Breaking free of the work load I was able to sqeak in a dinner trip into Epcot. It was like a whirl wind tour of most of the countries I have been deployed to without the jet lag!!

I also found time to meet with my friends, the Larsens. They field the Miss ta Fire jet dragster and are in the process of building a couple more cars. With a huge shop, a wonderful view from the house, it really seems like the perfect place to live. If it wasn't for the big winds they get every few years. I guess we will stay in the heat!!

We had a good time and even had a birthday dinner for Elaine. She finally made it to the big XX. Ha you thought I would post how old she is? Never, not going to piss her off. She will take it out on me by cutting a good light. So forget it, I am going to need all the help I can when we face off in August.

Both of us will be running at Kennedale in Texas. Check out their website at


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