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Magic Kingdom

So after spending a few days in Florida, and Disney World where would you go to??? Well after flying home on Friday, We were off to spend six, yes six count them, fun filled glorious days in..... you guessed it the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland. With a six and four year old what else do you do.
After a six hour drive to So Cal, where is the first place anyone should end up??? That is right, you guessed it again.... DEIST SAFETY!!! Truely the happyest place on earth!!

Why you ask? Where else can you have your belts reinspected and tagged, find all kinds of racing history, pick out some new chutes, have you kids terrorize a poor dog, and sit and talk to a true legend in MOTORSPORT history.

Jim and Mariane have always treated my family and me as one of their family. Where else can you deal with people who REALLY care about your safety. See them at

After leaving their shop, the rest of the trip was great, but with anyone with little kids knows, I was ready to come home after a few days!!

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