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New England Dragway - Epping

After the Beacon race, New England Dragway in Epping New Hampshire was on our radar.  Back in Phoenix before we left, we complied all the parts needed to replace the t-box on the Invader. Packaged them up and discussed who should take it?  Curt (who’s bag keeps getting lost) or Steve going into Indy (if they lose bag nowhere near the track) so Curt is it and cross our fingers!!

After the race, the cars are finally headed back to Arizona,  so joining us on our trip was Frank Gray, Superman Steve’s Jimmy Olsen (ok don’t hit me, just joking!)

After getting into Boston late (see a pattern) due to weather delays, we head up to Manchester to meet up with Steve and get some food and plan the next day.

Cool weather (for us) on Saturday started with fuel for the jets, ice, drinks, etc. before heading to the track. Once at the track, it was like going home.  Reminding us of running the east coast in the early 80’s with the old man!

Unloaded the cars and started prepping them, fixing the Invader, and charging the batteries, then the real work started, visiting with friends we have missed all year!

Sam & Dixie Ives with the Tulsa County Heat Wave jet funny car were pitted next to us, then Robert Albertson with his brand new Blazing Angel jet dragster, Rich Hanna and Ken Hall with the First Strike and Top Secret jet funny cars, and David Douthit and the California Smokey jet dragster. Danny O’ Day and his Superwinch wheel stander were there as well.


Early afternoon, we took the Invader to the other end of the track and test fired her up with the new t-box and all was good and no leaks! We were ready for a great show. 

Just before the first round, all the drivers were on the line as they interviewed us for the crowd.  The place was packed!


First round was Robert Albertson and David Douthit matched up!  David took the win for their pairing.

Avenger and Invader were next, with the conditions soooo good, we took a stab at the tune on both cars, Invader was on a good pass 5.50 290 while Avenger was too lean and could not light the burner going down the track. 

So after first round, it was Invader, California Smokey, Blazing Angel and Avenger.


Final round match ups were the Avenger vs. Blazing Angel.  After the battle of the fireballs, they both staged and were off.  Robert got a hole shot on Craig and never looked back even with the Avenger chasing him down with a 5.80 275 run.

The Grand Finale was the Invader against the California Smokey.  With the conditions the best we had seen in a long time, we set the Invader on kill!  But that was not to be, as with the rest of the year, we were plagued with failures.  At 20 percent the starter gave its own fireworks display and quit giving David a single and the win!

After the crowds had gone, cars loaded, and last joke told we headed out to the hotel before the final leg of our east coast adventure.

A few days later, Superman Steve and his trusty side kick pulled onto the drive back the shop for a well deserved rest.


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