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ABQ Labor Day fun!

After finally getting the cars back home, it was time for a little rest and relaxation! Time to recharge, spend time on some of the honey do's, and much needed family time.

For the first time in I can't remember we were not scheduled to race on Labor Day weekend.  Filled up the tank on the grill, found some thick steaks to cook, and a entire season of Dexter to get caught up on.

Did my phone just go off? Yep, Ok, how many cars, how many runs?  Steve, whatcha doing this weekend?  Um sorry hunny, got to go race!

And we are off, headed to Albuquerque Dragway to race with Mark Stevens.  Have not seen Mark and the Trash Can Killer - Jean (Another story) all year!

So the plan is one pass Friday night, two passes Saturday night which means we take off at 7 pm Thursday night.  Superman Steve and Curt headed out old school, driving all night and sleeping whenever.

Pulling into the Flying J in Albuequerque at 3:30 am on Friday, it is time for a few winks.  Very few, by 8 we are inline to have the rig washed and shined to knock all the bugs off from the east coast haul and back to the ABQ!

A quick stop to drop the trailer at the track and it is time to check into the hotel to clean up and rest before the nights festivities.

At the track, Invader unloaded, fueled, batteries charged and chutes packed time to visit with Mark and Jean.  It is the first time looking over Mark's new Earthflight jet dragster that he debuted this season.  What a well thought out car!  All the little touches that most people will never notice were thought of.

After the last of the Pro Mod cars ran, it was our turn.  It has been a few years since we were here to enjoy the track, the Invader ran the left lane and Earthflight in the right. 

Now we have gone from one extreme to another as far as weather.  While it was not overly hot or humid, the corrected altitude at the track was a little over 7900 feet.  Where two weeks prior in Epping it was just over 500 ft!

Earthflight and Invader belted out some additional desert heat before launching down the track, but right at the hit the Earthflight's afterburner pump failed.  Invader and Curt streaked down the track towards the finishline and deployed the chutes at the cones.

But a bump at the finishline, along with the hit of the parachutes and the Invader made an irregular move to the left wall. Without overcorrecting, Curt skimmed close along the wall slowly aiming back towards the middle of the lane.

The onboard camera shows just how close he was!

After returning to the trailer, the Invader was put to bed for the night we headed back to the hotel after checking in with Mark.  They were going to change the pump before calling it a night.

Saturday came without much fanfare, a quick trip for fuel, a relaxing meal, and a stop for ice before we hit the track again.  The weather warmed up a little but still very nice, while the corrected altitude climbed over 8800 feet.

By the time first round came the altitude was down to 8300 feet.

Invader and Earthflight faced off again but this time Mark was in the left lane to experience the "bump".  Almost a mirror image of the previous night as at the launch, Earthflight ate another afterburner pump.  As the Invader crossed the finish line this time, no bump or movement.  Just a straight and true pass.

The Earthflights issue had both teams stunped, leaving the Invader to make the final pass of the night a single.

At the end of the show, the Invader pulled up to start, at thirteen percent the car just sat there...  Would not start... With everything going on we forget to check the co2 bottle on the autoshutoff system.  So after a quick recharge we were back on the line, hit the starter and guess what?  She came alive as usual!

Throwing out as much fire as she could to make up for a single pass, the Invader lit up the desert sky before rocketing down the track ending the show.

The next morning, after a good breakfast, we made our way home.  Everything in one piece, everything still shiney and Steve suggesting we stop at the casinos and double our money.  Hmmm No!

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