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Beacon Dragway Ky

One of the most looked forward to race of the season was Beacon Dragway in Paducah Kentucky.   Why might you ask? If a new 1/8th mile drag strip in the green grass was not enough, Curt’s mother and step father retired 40 miles away.  This would be the first time they had ever seen their son race!

 Superman flew into Indy again (racking up frequent flyer miles?) and started trucking down to KY!  Craig and Curt flew into Nashville and headed up to Cadiz.  No problem right? Sucker!


After the airline losing Curt’s bag, you would think that the worst was over? Nope guess again. The hour and twenty minute ride turned into three hours for a 35 mile backup due to an accident on the highway!

So another late night, but at least with family, Steve, Craig and Curt waited up for Curt’s sister and family to arrive from Chicago.  Finally everyone arrived and it was time to sleep for the next day was a busy one.

Again a bright and clear day after rain the day before (This a Midwest thing??), the cars were unloaded and prepared for the nights events.

Beacon is a super track!  Nice track, updated buildings, awesome concessions, and the most incredible AIR CONDITIONED restrooms!!! (Can you say Humidity? Not us!!)


First round and the Invader and Avenger squared up against each other.  Curt’s Brother in law Scott, crewing for Craig and Superman Steve with Curt they went for start.  With a stomach turning crunch, the Invader’s t-box chewed itself up!  No go for the Invader!  Major damage.  So it was up to Craig to put on a killer show.  And he did! 

After the run, back in the pits, the Invader was inspected and the T-box removed.  Nothing but metal shavings in the t-box and no way to start, she was done for the night. 

Avenger was turned and readied for the second round.  Pressured tweaked and fire increased to maximize the show for the fans.  Huge disappointment for Curt as this was a first for him.


The final pass of the night and the Avenger and Craig were the heroes, fastest car of the night, even faster than the two fuel cars!  (Both had trouble hooking up and never made a full pull) 

So the JET FX team cannot wait for 2014 and redeem themselves (really just Curt)!!  The fans and track personnel were just awesome!


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