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El Cunadito

After trying to slow down, it did not work! Our friends from south of the border still needed some help. With the old man out in California playing Tom Cruise, and me and the rest of the team trying to actually work at our REAL jobs, the southern guys had to make a road trip.

Time for us to do some after hours troubleshooting and repair! The first day (night after work) was spent going over the problems they are having, and getting all the part numbers for the repairs needed. The second day (during lunch) was spent tracking down some of the hard parts to get, hoping that we could get them in a reasonable amount of time.

The third day was mocking up some of the new parts, so we can fabricate the needed items for mounting. And many, many hours of wire tracing, inspecting, and troubleshooting of all the electrical systems.

Then it is time for some rest.....not really. Although we are on hold for some parts, the fabricating still goes on. Rerouting of some line and electrical, pressure checks, spray patterns flowed, and endless list of punch items for us to look at.

So much for the rest! At least my dad is back from his "Location" to help with the stuff. All this work and we have not even really messed with the Invader too much this off season.

The driver of the car's nickname is "El Cunadito", being the inquizitive person I am, I tried to look it up on the 'net. Thinking that this would be like "Macho" or "Huge Balls" or "Insane", I could not find the definition any where. So I call one of my spanish speaking friends, and he laughs and says "It's Brother in Law." ???? Ok??? Well there you have it, not "Ace" or "Killer" or anything like that, just "Brother in Law"

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